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NATURAL GREEN is a company founded in 1979 with its principal place of business and small manufacturing premises and facilities located in the suburbs of Turin, a city in northern Italy. Its founder and concept designer Mr. Dr Fabrizio Antonelli, a reputable physiatrist at the time, had only one mission in mind and that was to create a line of products that would enable people, after a hard-working day, to have healthy sleep and proper sleeping posture during the night.

But never in his life did Dr Fabrizio Antonelli foresee that 30 years later his vision would make his company NATURAL GREEN one of the world’s largest leaders in manufacturing bedding designed for healthcare and therapeutic purposes which is an integral part of the vacation and therapy provided in the hotels, spa resorts, rehabilitation centers and homes of the ordinary people around the world.

Nowadays, Natural Green is considered one of the most influential companies in the field of manufacture and distribution of high quality beddings that comprises a broad range of different models of pillows, blankets, mattress toppers, corrective layers and ergonomic mattresses.

Few years ago, Natural Green Group entered into investment- partnership relations with several companies in the South Korea where it started to produce devices intended for shiatsu massage which have had quickly found their way to several million customers around the world.

What makes the Natural Green Group particularly proud of is a pallet of the products intended to ensure isolation and protection from negative types of radiation that is present in every home in modern days. Nowadays, Natural Green has its branch offices distributed worldwide, in Europe, Russia, USA, South America, Australia, and Asia. The company team gathers 2200 employees with permanent placement and more than 12 000 associates around the world.

Owing to creation of new products, innovations and evaluation of the customers’ needs, the NATURAL GREEN Group guarantees itself one of the leading positions in this line of business. We build, develop and improve our relations with customers. It can be confirmed by the fact that we have recorded more than 20 000 000 satisfied customers so far.