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Cashmere wool is one of the most luxurious and most expensive natural fabrics. Owing to its beneficial and esthetic features, it is considered one of the most wanted fabrics.

Products made of cashmere wool are very gentle and soft, provide pleasant wearing comfort and skin friendly material. Products made of cashmere wool ensure more warmth than any other products of similar thickness that are made of sheep wool. Garment made of cashmere keeps its shape, does not stretch, does not fade away and with proper care can last for a long period of time.

Cashmere wool is derived from the softest fibres of the undercoat (downy wool is then cleaned by machine to get rid of any top hairs or dirt) of special Cashmere goat breeds. The incredibly resistant goats live on high flat terrains in China and Mongolia. Their undercoat is soft, dense and perfect to protect them from harsh cold in wintertime when the temperature can reach -40°C.

The raw material, obtained by combing out of the downy wool, collected in spring and summer, coinciding with the natural shedding season of the cashmere goat, undergoes a long process of manual processing that finally leads to the cashmere wool. Cashmere is an ideal thermal regulator ensuring warmth in winter but no sweat in summer.

How to establish the purity of cashmere?

Put some ice cubes on cashmere wool and leave them wrapped for ten days exposed to sun. Unwrap the content, after 10 days, and you will find the ice cubes- they did not melt.