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Special fabric intended for tropical and Mediterranean region since it has been produced using combination of cotton and, for the first time, SIBERIAN OAK. The term ‘cooler’ indicates that the products made of this fabric will never provide warmth; it is always cool and cannot be warmed up.

It is inevitable product for sweltry and hot summertime. At wintertime, it adjusts to the body temperature so that it is always warm. The fabric is, also, made using the silver safe technology i.e. silver. Silver is a metal known for preventing unpleasant odor. It provides fantastic effects in distributing warmth through our bodies.

It is important to note that it is soft and elastic and, originally, silver has been used in medicine for hundreds of years since it is antiseptic which can destroy 650 types of viruses, fungi and bacteriae. Silver emits ions that enter into bacteria membrane and thus prevent their reproduction.

It is recommended for those customers who have problems with skin, eczema, light forms of psoriasis etc.