Healthcare – therapeutic set MULTIOXYGEN

Healthcare – therapeutic set MULTIOXYGEN 2018-07-11T05:43:22+00:00
  • Pillow – 1 pc
  • Blanket 140*200 – 1 pc
  • OXY therapy 90*200 – 1 pc

  • Pillow – 2 pcs
  • Blanket 220*200 – 1 pc ili 140*200 – 2 pcs
  • OXY therapy 160*200 – 1 pc ili 180*200 – 1 pc

1894 €

3409 €

This is a premium brand of the NATURAL GREEN Group. It is made of the latest generation materials in combination with cotton and oxygen granules. For more information about the material, please visit the section materials. ZTK OXY is composed of three parts: pillow, blanket and multioxygen therapy 7 in 1 (more than 5 000 000 products sold around the world).


Its dimensions are 74 x 47. When using this pillow on the side or on the back it adjusts itself to the position of the head. It bends where it is needed and supports the part of the spine that moves through the neck (cervical spine). It ensures sufficient influx of oxygen and blood to the brain and therefore, in the morning there is no pain in the neck area and that is particularly important for those people who suffer from headaches, vertigo, spondylosis or ossification of the cervical spine. The chamber is made of multioxygen fabric using silver safe technology; it has antiallergic effect and therefore is exceptionally good for our health that is for all those who have problems with allergies.


It should be noted that on only one square meter of this blanket are contained 3000 oxygen granules and therefore it has soothing effect. In addition, it is double stitched and given the fact that there is wool between two layers it is a fantastic thermo- regulator. Owing to the multioxygen technology, the blanket has mirror-effect and prevents loss of energy at night in a way that it reflects long infra-red rays and returns them to the organism that is our cells which is crucial for our rest. Why? It improves cell metabolism, improves blood circulation and thus enables quick recovery of our muscles and, concerning the ultimate results, we wake up in the morning fresh and full of energy. It is developed in all desired dimensions.


It is considered no. 1 world novelty in the field of relaxation, rehabilitation and prevention. It is a product that makes an integral part of the ZTK multioxygen and at the same time is an independent product. For more details about this product, click here