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Premium fabric, world no.1 biotechnological product intended for sleep and rehabilitation. Biotechnology is science that exploits materials at molecular basis and it has managed to develop a product that was inconceivable 10 years ago i.e. multioxygen fabric. It is the fabric developed in conformity with the highest standards of the NATURAL GREEN GROUP.

The products marked OXY are developed of the finest cotton using silver safe and multioxygen technology.

After a number of fruitless efforts, owing to special machines modified for this purpose, it has finally become possible to weave pure cotton using multioxygen fibres that is oxygen granules.

As a result, now we have a product that combines features of cotton and natural features of far infrared radiation (FIR), reflected from multioxygen granules. As a matter of fact, the result is fabric which is extraordinary, soft and pleasant.

It provides natural micro climate; namely, it regulates temperature of our body, ensures 40% more sleep and that is needed to maintain constant level of the skin moisture. It is antiallergic and antiseptic.