NEW ZEALAND MERINO WOOL – EXCLUSIVE 2018-07-10T21:06:32+00:00

TRADITION AND NATURE – According to its chemical and morphological composition, wool fibers of merino wool are characterized by unique features that are not possessed by any other natural or chemical (artificial nor synthetical) fiber. Unique chemical features on one side and unique structural features on the other side result in unique physical features.

The products developed using MERINO WOOL are made of pure wool and are distinguished due to their quality since the wool represents the most complex fibre that is characterized by unique features.

Exceptional insulating features, owing to which Merino sheep can stand a wide range of temperature changes, from below zero up to +400C. The characteristic is based on interaction of the wool with atmosphere since wool can cool the animal when it is hot and it can preserve warmth when it is cold.

For each product developed within the line MERINO WOOL, Natural Green guarantees that the product has been made of Merino wool with purity less than 22 microns and all the products made out of the material carry the WOOLMARK certificates provided by authorized Woolmark laboratory for Europe and Italy.